Pokemon Sword And Shield Would Feature Customization!

Many sources have unveiled some details associated to Nintendo’s upcoming E3 Direct Presentation which hints that the studio is planning to disclose information associated to a number of titles namely Luigi’s Mansion 3, Fire Emblem: Three House, Animal Crossing.

But interestingly enough another leak has suggested that Pokemon Sword and Shield would allow trainers to customize their in-game avatar in the generation eight Nintendo title. The said information has come from a T-shirt contest which featured a number of competitors from Japan.

Although such a customization option has been present for all the core RPG titles since Pokemon X and Y, still it is pleasing to witness this feature finally coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The above-mentioned T-shirt contest was organized by Uniqlo, who is famous for its casual wears clothing. Amongst hundreds of designs, a T-shirt titled Ocean King won which included Gyarados, Magikarp in a Totem style. This T-shirt was designed by Li Wen Pei whose design would be included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield title as a wearable item for the protagonist.

The Ocean King wearable T-shirt would be available in the in-game shop of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon fans will be able to purchase this item using real money. Still, due to this T-shirt contest, Pokemon fans and community members are sure that the new Pokemon Sword and Shield would also include different wearable items for trainers to experience stylized look in the game.

Although it is speculated that the Pokemon title would feature sufficient amount of items and cosmetics to change the complete look of the in-game character, still many community members are stating that Niantic would possibly showcase some of the more exciting avatar wearables during the upcoming E3 2019 event.

The said T-shirt contest was brought to general eyes by posting the image of the winning T-shirt on a Twitter handle, namely Serebii.net, which even showed an in-game female protagonist wear it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are going to bring some of the memorable landscapes to life which resembles a lot with some of the locations of Great Britain so players can expect some exciting cosmetics associated to the western culture. 

Although the said game is expected to launch in the coming month of July, still the upcoming E3 2019 tech event would reveal some more detailed information associated with the title. Let’s see how the new in-game cosmetic feature improve on the player’s in-game interactions as it would definitely allow players to change their avatars according to different regions.

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7 Best Apps to Control your Android Device from PC

Technological advancement has made it possible for a person to connect different devices with each other. The network of interconnected devices and machines makes it convenient for individuals to use multiple devices via a native or straightforward UI. You can connect your Android handheld to your PC either with a wired connection or wirelessly. Let’s explore the different ways to control your Android smartphone from your Windows PC.

Best Tools to Control Android Phones from PC

  • SlideSync

SlideSync is a tool created by Samsung. It is a boon to the ones who want to control their Android phones from their Windows computers fully. Hence, if you own a Samsung smartphone, then you should go for SlideSync. Using this app, you will be able to access all the apps on your smartphone directly from your computer. The UI of the app is extremely simple, and easy to navigate.

  • Join

Join is the best tool for people who prefer to surf the internet on their smartphones. This robust tool offers several features. You can pair the chrome application with your PC, once you have installed it on your Android device. It can be used for sending the website links. You can also type text messages by going to the Join mobile app. It enables you to send texts, documents, and capture screenshots. But, this tool does not allow you to control your Android device fully. On the other hand, this tool is extremely light and does not cause any crashes or lag in the system speed.

  • DeskDock

Rather than mirroring Android to PC, DeskDock provides a different method for controlling Android on PC. In particular, this tool allows you to share the computer’s mouse with your Android phone. In case your smartphone or tab and computer are kept beside each other, if you move the mouse over to the opposite side, it will transition to the phone or tab. This is a functional means when it comes to quickly opening and closing applications and internet browsing.

  • AirDroid

AirDroid is an extraordinary application which is a mish-mash of diverse astounding features. It enables you to transfer text messages, WhatsApp messages, share the clipboard, add documents, and much more. Further, it also mirrors the keyboard, mouse, along with the screen. The transfer limit for the free version is 30MB. AirDroid’s file transfer feature is rather quick and steady. It permits the user to review and reply to the Android device notifications on PC.

  • Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an app that lets you synchronize different devices to share files and send messages. Furthermore, this tool also supports WhatsApp. It allows you to send messages and check out the new ones. On the downside, its free version comes with a restriction of 100 text messages and WhatsApp messages.

  • Vysor

Vysor displays the screen of your Android phone on your computer’s desktop. You can control this screen completely. This Chrome app can be installed quickly and is compatible with all major operating systems. However, the app’s free version comes with certain limitations. For instance, the screen resolution is not too high, and the animations do not get displayed when you mirror the Android screen to your PC. To get an ad-free and high-resolution experience, consider switching to the Pro version.

  • Tasker

Just like the name suggests, this application is useful when you want to set up prompts and events on your Android. With this app, you can arrange your smartphone to conduct a task automatically in specific situations. For instance, when there is a new connection or a particular type of notification or when there has been a change in location.

Davis Johnson is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.

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Capcom May Unveil A Brand New Title During E3 2019 Event

Capcom has been introducing a slew of new and exciting titles for fans and gamers to experience in the past, and with the approaching E3 2019 event many are expecting some interesting new title from the Japanese publisher.

As in the past, Capcom has utilized the platform of E3 for showcasing its awesome games like Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter World. It is expected that Capcom will continue this trend of introducing its upcoming game during the E3 event to gain maximum exposure for their titles, so studio developers are preparing to unveil a brand new title during E3 2019.

Until now it is confirmed that Capcom is indeed going to take part in the 2019 E3 event to unveil the new Iceborne expansion for the Monster Hunter World title for sure. Still, it is also speculated that Capcom studios won’t let this massive platform get only affixed to showcasing the expansion for MHW. Instead, the studio may reveal a brand new title alongside Microsoft E3 2019 press conference.

The origin for such theories and speculations is supposedly from NeoGAF post which also claims to hint at the entire EA’s press briefing for E3 2019. Still, the leaked information is not being confirmed by any official sources, so gamers do not completely rely on the speculations and hints.

Moreover, the person who has leaked the information is suggesting that the mentioned details are most likely genuine and it is pretty likely to witness an announcement of a brand new title from Capcom during the press briefing of Microsoft during the E3 2019 extravaganza event.

As Capcom is not secluded for any press briefings during the upcoming E3 event, it is likely that they may choose to come up with top three press briefings healed by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Switch for revealing their latest gaming title.

During the E3 2018, Capcom revealed its Devil May Cry 5 with Microsoft’s Press briefing and Resident Evil 2 remake with Sony’s press briefing. So it is quite a possibility that Capcom may unveil an exciting new game during Microsoft’s press conference for E3 2019.

Although no specific title has been hinted in the leak, still it is likely that Capcom studios come up with a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake which is expected to be launched by January 2020. Many gamers and fans are also suggesting numerous other titles like Dead Rising or Dino Crisis reboot could be the next big title that Capcom may reveal during E3.

It would be indeed quite interesting to witness as to if Capcom actually reveals a new game for fans during E3 as it has become a trend for the studios to unveil a new game during E3 event.

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How to Play YouTube Videos on Locked Phone Screen

YouTube is one of the most famous video sharing sites in the world. When you lock your phone screen, YouTube automatically stops playing video. In this article, you will get to know how you can play YouTube videos after locking the phone screen.

Steps for Playing YouTube Videos Using Mozilla Firefox

•    In case you are using an Android phone, then move the YouTube video by using the Mozilla Firefox browser application rather than through the YouTube app.

•    In case you use the YouTube application to do this procedure, then the audio will still play even when you lock your phone screen.

•    You do not have the control while playing the audio on the background when the phone screen is locked.

•    You need to unlock the phone screen so that you can play YouTube video.

Steps for Playing YouTube Videos Using Google Chrome

•    The Google Chrome browsing application is the same as the Mozilla Firefox browser.

•    Click on the Google Chrome browsing application.

•    Go to the YouTube website.

•    Start playing any video on YouTube.

•    In case the phone screen is locked, then the YouTube video still play on the device screen.

•    You can use pause and play options by using the lock screen.

•    Check that the Google Chrome browsing application should be in the Desktop Mode on the device.

Here are the steps mentioned below to do so:

1.    Go to the Google Chrome browsing software.

2.    Click on the three dots located on the upper right-hand side of the display.

3.    Choose the “Request Desktop Site” option by going to the results drop-down list showing on display.

4.    Now, you will get the webpage into a large size on the desktop.

5.    In case you have the Google Chrome internet browser which is in the desktop mode, then you cannot control the playback function through the phone lock screen.

Steps for Playing YouTube Videos Using Safari Browser

The steps as mentioned above are for Android users, but these steps for the users who have an iPhone.

•    You need to use the Safari internet browser to play the YouTube video which you wish to.

•    In case you do this procedure, then the audio content will play on the background by using the phone lock screen.

•    iPhone users can also use the Mozilla Firefox browsing software to play the same selected YouTube video. You can control this playback feature by using the Mozilla Firefox feature.

Davis Johnson is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

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How to Stream to Twitch on PS4 and Xbox One X

Streaming on Twitch for the first time can be difficult.  You have to ensure that you’re ready for it and can kick off the Twitch stream with style and self-confidence. Both of these qualities will help you to Twitch streaming. Here’s how to setup PS4 and Xbox One X for Twitch streaming.

Steps for Setting Up the PS4 for Twitch Streaming

•    Open the Xbox One game which you wish to start Twitch streaming.

•    Go to the PS4 DualShock controller.

•    Click on the Share option given to the upper left-hand side of the D-pad.

•    You need to click on the Broadcast Gameplay button located on the drop-down list located on the left-hand side of the display.

•    Choose the Twitch option after you get the stream service option on the display.

•    The PlayStation Network will access the official website of Twitch so that you can log in on your account.

•    Type the registered username and a protected password on the Twitch official website.

•    After signing in to the account, you will get the Broadcast webpage on display.

•    Go through it to ensure that it includes a video by going to the PSN camera in case you have already installed and also the audio by going to the microphone.

•    Go down to go through the name of the stream.

•    Choose the box having the stream name.

•    Choose the X button for editing the name of the stream.

•    Go down for going through the gameplay resolution.

•    Go down to get the Facebook and Twitter URL.

•    Choose both the windows to get the inform followers on Facebook and Twitter which you are live streaming on PlayStation Network.

•    You will get the comment menu located on the Facebook and Twitter window, and it is a text which you wish to mail out with the broadcast of the stream.

•    You can choose the default text “Check out my stream,” or you can also make your own text which goes with the URL to the Twitch Channel by clicking on the X key.

•    Choose the Start broadcasting option located at the end of the display.

•    You will get the two option on the display.

•    The first one is to adjust the settings of the audio.

•    The second one is to start broadcasting.

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Top 6 OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text

Plenty of OCR software programs are available in the market for free. If you don’t know about OCR or Optical character recognition software, they are used for converting pictures into text. Students and working professionals already love this software as it is beneficial for them. On that note, let’s check out the best OCR tools available in 2019.

1. Microsoft OneNote

It is possible to convert both handwritten notes and pictures using Microsoft OneNote as it comes with advanced OCR functionality. Firstly, drag the file that you wish to convert into OneNote. Then, right click on the picture and choose Copy Text from Picture. The copied text goes directly to the clipboard, and you can paste it wherever you want. You must know that the quality of the photo is directly connected with the OCR accuracy. OneNote is simply one of the best free OCR software available in the market.

2. Photo Scan

Photo Scan comes as a QR code reader and OCR scanner merged into one. It is being offered by Define Studios and easily available for free on the Microsoft Store. You need to point the tool to the file for converting. The converted text will be shown to you on the next window. One of the highlights of Photo Scan is the text to speech feature. Once you are done with converting, you get the option to save the file in various formats such as HTML, Text, Rich Text, XML and more.

3. Capture2Text

Capture2Text allows you to OCR anything that you see on the screen with the use of keyboard shortcuts. It is a free Windows 10 OCR software that doesn’t even need installation. You can the WinKey + Q shortcut for activating the OCR process. For selecting the desired portion from the screen, use your mouse. Press the Enter button, and the selected text will be optically recognized and appear on popup as well as a copy to the clipboard.

4. SimpleOCR

SimpleOCR does not restrict machine print recognition but provides handwriting recognition only with the free trial available for 14 days only. It comes as simple to use software for converting pictures to text. You can save the converted files in the form of TXT or DOC. Though, this software has not been updated since its version 3.1. Download the SimpleOCR software for free from the official website.

5. (a9t9) Free OCR

You can use the (a9t9) Free OCR software on any of the Windows devices that you have. There is even an online OCR for you to convert files. It supports up to 21 languages and is completely free for users. However, the ads can be removed through in-app purchase.   This software program is best for printed documents but doesn’t work well with handwritten text.

6. Easy Screen OCR

This software is not free for users but is ideal for use. You can access it from the taskbar in your PC. It uses Google’s OCR engine and supports around 100 languages. Choose the desired language as per your choice to use it perfectly. Drag the mouse cursor of your computer for capturing the screen of any document, image, video, website, or anything else available on the screen.

You can try the in-built OCR program of Google docs if you can’t access your computer. Here’s the process:

  • Open your Google Drive account by logging in.
  • Click the New option and then File Upload option or you can go to My Drive and then Update Files.
  • Find the file that you want to convert in the computer. Choose the Open button for uploading the selected PDF or image file.
  •  The selected file will now be there in your Google Drive. Right-click on the file and then hit the Open with option and Google Docs later to see the converted file.

Hence, you can Google for converting your PDF or image file to text through OCR as well. Editing the text in the converted file is possible too. Choose any of the OCR tools from above and get the text version through any file.

Davis Johnson is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.

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Apex Legends: Piggybacking Players Will Soon Be Banned In The Future!

As per the recent community update for the hit Battle Royle style title, Apex Legends has hinted towards some of the changes that could be witnessed in the future updates for the game.

The said patch for the Apex Legends title is believed to repair the perk bug, some minor issues associated to hit registration and the major issue related to PS4 crash. Jay Frechette, community manager further added that the team of developers at Respawn is planning to ban a commonly used technique namely Piggybacking.

Prissily the Piggybacking refers to the strategy utilized by some players that involve zero interactions in the game to subsidize the chances of any combat. Mainly in Apex Legends, Battle Pass holders gain experience for the time they manage to survive in the match due to which many players formulate their strategy to not indulge in any duels in the match and rather try to survive for as long as possible in the math to gain maximum experience possible in each match.

But this strategy sadly impacts the entire squad of such players and result in early elimination due to lack of teamwork. Such players who try to implement their Piggybacking technique usually don’t pick up any weapon or item in the game, and instead, they draft off on their teammates to survive which creates some really challenging scenarios for other squad mates.

Many players simply get Away From their Keyboards as soon as the match initiates which creates some very dire situations for other team players as they end up having less number of active players in comparison to other teams.

Still, the upcoming fix would not impact the dynamics of Solo hunting as if a player is playing a solo vs. solo or solo vs. squad mode then they would only impact the gameplay of their own instead of any other player. But players will indeed have to do something while playing a match as the ban would affect any such player who simply takes a roundabout tour of the in-game map and don’t pick or use any weapon or item.

Respawn is trying to take all such measures which could maintain the game balanced and validate the gameplay of each and every individual. Currently, it is not clear as if the players who are caught Piggybacking while playing Apex Legends would face a temporary or permanent ban.

Still may community members and fans are speculating that the upcoming patch would include a scheme to warn the defaulters initially and if the action is continuously repeated than a provision of a permanent ban is also available. Let’s see how soon will the developers at Respawn include these critical features in the game and improve the in-game experience for all the fans of Apex Legends.

Davis Johnson  is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

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